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Women In My Life as Museums

(A Listicle: brought on by melancholic thoughts of leaving for a year and reflecting on the women in my family who inspire me and nurture my love of learning ((preferably in beautiful buildings)). When I think of these places, it’s not just the memories I have of them there but of who they are to me.)

*If you’re not on this list but you know I love you deeply, we should go to more museums together so I can make quippy comparisons for you*

Mindi (Mom): The IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art)

She’s the darling of Indy, a humble but surprising collection of local legend and fierce pride. She’s the best we have to offer. I always think of home when I think of her. Ever since I was young, she guided us children through her galleries with patience, trying to get us to engage our imaginations, appreciation, and curiosity. She is an adventure in our own backyard. She is LOVE.


Jordan (Aunt): Tate Modern (London)

It’s where she feels most vibrant and understood. It is a place in her spirit. Something new, deliberate, and moving. She is winding, full of spiraled staircases and wide open views. She demands attention to detail and an honest audience. Without confronting loudly, she asks you to reflect on yourself and your perspective as you reflect upon hers. She is both the future and a transcendent thing.


Ang (Aunt): The V&A (The Victoria and Albert Museum)

She is a collection of people, places, styles, and times all reflecting different aspects of beauty. When you first meet her, first step foot in the open, marble halls, you love her in an uncomplicated, completely innate way. You want to stay hours with her in deep conversation, in dialogue, to see all she has to offer. She’s not just an Anglophile but a lover of the world. You want to learn with her and hope to God one day you’ll make her proud and have something beautiful to contribute to her collections.


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