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Week Two!


You know that whole thing about how time flies when you’re having fun?

Well time actually flies but the days feel like forever and your commute feels like frozen time. It especially drags when two of your five teachers get the flu and it’s all hands on deck.

Despite the odds, my team made it through the week and I’ve had some awesome moments with my kids.

Here’s a few!

1. Dim Sum


Some lovely students (including my students Zelda and Chrystal) took me and another teacher to get dim sum at a pretty nice restaurant. I tried chicken feet (not too bad), cow intestine (hopefully never again), and some delicious seafood stuff I will never be able to pronounce the name of. Best of all, my chopstick usage was deemed acceptable! I also properly learned how to clean the chopsticks and bowl in the tea and not to drink it first while looking like an idiot! Wahoo!

2. Water Day




Freaking Water Day was the highlight of the school week for the kids. I’m not too offended that my thrilling lesson on possessive pronouns didn’t make the cut. We got to play sponge Duck, Duck, Goose, Water Balloon Volley Ball Toss, sponge races, tag, and their personal favorite  Dunk-your-Teacher. It was a blast despite being soaked in absolute humidity!

3. Lunches with Students

I got to know so many of my students better by grabbing lunches with them. Either at their favorite noodle joint or down in the canteen, I got to get to know Miko, Rainie, Louise, Chloe, Vanus, Gary, Kitty, Annie, and more so much better. I can’t wait to become even better friends with them before I leave and encourage them even more!

Bonus: I got to go to the Che Kung Temple and more about the beliefs around where we’re staying. Today I’m going with my students Gary and Martin along with another teacher and checking out the massive Lady’s Market to try our hand at bartering!

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