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Two Second Post

This is a two second post written in the Hong Kong airport. I ate a weird breakfast of macaroni and hashbrowns from McDonalds and now I am people-watching happily. Leaving Hong Kong and going to Beijing makes my teaching experience already feel like it’s cementing into my past, already less vivid and real. My students though are making that feel easier with constant Instagram and Facebook messages. I hope it feels less jarring when I return. Luckily, we get a really nice debriefing- something I wish I had when I returned from Haiti. Hopefully the re-adjustment and re-entry stress isn’t as difficult and isolating this time around! My goal is to be able to express more of the culture and stay genuine even when speaking about it can be hard. Wow, this is a random post. I’ll try to post more about our graduation and fun days. I also want to post about some meaningful conversations I’ve had with my crazy bright students! In China, we’ll be seeing the Great Wall, Tianamen Square, and the Forbidden City. I’m psyched! I’ll tell you all about it soon! One week til I’m home! All my love and luck, Maggie

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