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The Young Adult’s Retelling of Classic Children’s Books

1. Margaret and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


Plot Summary: Maggie had an awful day! First her alarm clock set on her phone (because she’s too cheap to buy a real clock) never went off! She was late to class and got called out by the professor! Then came the email from the financial aide office. Thirty minutes later after butting heads with a 60 year old grump named Peg, she’s still no better off. After missing lunch, she decides to stress-nap only to realize that she never did her summary essay to that book she never bought for that class she hates! After pretending to be invisible during class, she does her work in the library until her computer made a weird noise and the screen went black! She got a coffee only to spill it immediately outside. She sad-napped, went to dinner, and realized she didn’t have any meal points left.  Will her friends and apartment mates help Margaret pull through this unfortunate day? Oh wait…they’re also having no good, very bad days as well, you say? Oh…well…then no. Yeah, no.

2. The Very Hungry Margaret


Plot Summary: Ten mini carrots, nine pieces of days-old lettuce, eight Ritz crackers, seven M&Ms, six stale Wheaties, five bites of left-overs, four small handfuls of nuts, three spoonfuls of peanut butter, two tea packets, and one huge gulp of lemonade later and Maggie realizes that she should probably stop eating her apartment-mates’ food or they’re definitely going to suspect her.

3. The Giving (Maggie) Tree


Plot Summary: Maggie was such a kind and gracious project partner. Three days before the presentation, her partner texted her that he was feeling ill. “Oh no!” thought Maggie. “I’ll help by doing all the research!” He thanked her profusely. Two days before the presentation, he texted saying that he forgot about the meeting. “Well, that’s okay!” said Maggie. “I’ll just put together the Prezi”. He was so grateful! The day before the presentation, he openly bailed on their meeting. So Maggie, the ever-giving partner, emailed the professor, asked for a single presentation, and totally aced it while the other guy got screwed. Ain’t no one gonna play Maggie for a fool.

4. Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret?


Plot Summary: Maggie goes to liberal arts Christian college and discovers the crippling spiritual doubt that hangs over all the students.

5. If You Give a Maggie a Netflix Account


Plot Summary: Join Maggie as she discovers the never-ending rabbit’s hole that is Netflix! She jumps from genre to genre, never making up her mind until she’s watched fifteen minutes of every ‘Dance Moms’ episode, half of ‘Die Hard’, season 1 of ‘Call The Midwives’, and the ending to the sequel of ‘Pocahontas’!

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