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The Mindi

*Just a disclaimer: this post was definitely NOT the product of my mom’s v subtle hints that if my dad got a birthday post about how much I love him, she should get one too. Repeat, this is not a Misery-like situation in which she has a spatula to my head, forcing me to write all the good stuff about her. REPEAT, I AM OK, DON’T send help*

So I talk about my mom all the time because I’m low-key obsessed with her. She’s the source of all good things in my life, the ultimate strong woman role model, and a servant to others. She is unrelentingly passionate and driven. She’s like a book character, honestly, like Mrs. Weasley meets Lesley Knope with a touch of Mrs. Bennett. And she’s knows everyone. My name should just be “Oh you’re Mindi’s daughter?” because that’s mostly how I’m  addressed. That’s why her hair is so big, she knows everyone’s secrets.


So here’s a concise list of why I love The Mindi:

My mom is the Queen of the Ask

I’m the kind of person who if I hear a “no” or perceive something won’t work out, well at least I tried and that’s the end of that. But oh no, not The Mindi, the Closer of Deals, the Great Facilitator. She will put on a coat of hairspray, march right up to whoever needs to go ahead and do what needs to be done, and leave with more than expected (and probably also sold a dog). For example, in Romania, there was no real infrastructure for MOPS but by the time she left, she had a country coordinator, regional coordinators, and a web developer. As one lady from our church put it, “was it the Holy Spirit leading me to do something, or was it Mindi?”. If you ever see my mom walking confidently towards you, asking you to meet her for lunch, be prepared to get asked to do something that will terrify you but get you moving in the direction you need to go. It’s all in love.

She Leans In

My mom, while still being a great mom, started her own business, deals with crazy clients every day, volunteers and raises support for several ministries, ran a political campaign that was plagued with sexism, and goes abroad to empower other mothers. And that’s just like, a normal year for her. She isn’t capable of being intimidated nor just sitting at home wasting her gifts.

She Fights For Us


Lord help the endless cycle of school counselors, teachers, principals, coaches, youth group leaders, and restaurant managers who have had to go toe-to-toe with The Mindi. She is kind of obsessed with all of her kids which makes no sense to me because we’re really not that great. But try telling that to Min who puts Beverly Goldberg to shame.


She has Vision


My mom somehow looked at this goofball guy and was like, yup he’s the one. She had the superhuman strength to look beyond the 80s glasses and questionable mustache and saw all they would do together, all the houses they’d flip, ministries they’d support, kids they’d raise, businesses they’d start. She’s nothing if not a visionary.

She is a Piece of Work

In Romania, after a conference my mom lead, a younger mom came up to me and gave me a hug. She kept exclaiming how incredible it was that my mom did so much. Her English wasn’t great but you could tell she really, really wanted to communicate something with me. She said “your mother is a heroine. You are like her…you’re both…pieces of work”. Yes, sweet mother from Giurgiu, my mom is a real piece of work but in the best way.

In conclusion, go enjoy your 39th birthday, Mom! #never40

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