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Style Inspiration #1: Jenny from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”

I decided to make a new series about my Style Inspirations- either from childhood or now, kind of jokingly, kind of not. Why? Because I can AND I JUST DID AND I AM THE MASTER OF MY FATE AND THE CAPTAIN OF MY SOUL AND THE ADMIN OF THIS BLOG. Enjoy!


Listen, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” was no one’s favorite TV show. It was just what you chose to watch between that and “Roseanne” when it was early morning or late night and there was nothing else on ABCFamily ((which now changed its name and childhood and innocence is over)). It was fine as shows go but my mom was always like “ew witchcraft. Don’t watch that”, so I was never heavily invested. Like just enough that I know her love interest’s name was Harvey, which is obviously gross. Also, I hated Sabrina. The best parts of the show were her independent, don’t-need-no-man aunts and this talking puppet cat who is the Spirit of Sarcasm.


Anyways, Whining Witch Sabrina had a best friend Muggle sidekick named Jenny who was KWEEN.


This girl clearly had lead character hair but was demoted to best friend. Look at this picture and try to tell me I should be rooting for Melissa Joan Inexplicably Famous Hart??!


Jenny’s hair was half of her character AND IT WAS ENOUGH. It was flawless and 90s and I truly wanted it so bad. Thankfully my hair got super curly in high school so my dream was kind of achieved. Sometimes my hair is half my personality also.


This is proof that my hair is the only reason people like me.

Jenny wore cool stuff like chokers and velvet short dresses so I wear chokers and velvet short dresses.


She was like the more experienced, obviously cooler friend every friend group needs to have any kind of cred. Jenny could hang with anyone. She rocked dark 90s lipstick before Kylie Kardashian was even born. Jenny was also a total ~betch~ in charge of her own destiny who would sometimes exploit Sabrina’s magic for her own gain like any normal Muggle would do. She also was very hipster before it was cool not to be popular.


Jenny is all of us, just with better hair. She said what we all were thinking.


A part of having great style is having a personality that matches that you wear with confidence. Be a Jenny. Be yourself, big hair, betchiness, weirdness, and all. That’s style.

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