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Sometimes Gordon Is Only Best Expressed Through New Girl…

Author’s Note: Hey guys, sorry my blog has turned into Buzzfeed, but at least it’s the Buzzfeed worth reading! I swear I’ll throw in something thought-provoking and academic soon, but let’s be real, all my effort is going into remaining a capable and well-balanced human being right now.

And now without further ado…


“If you’re not dating right now, aren’t you worried you won’t find your husband?”

Professor: “I’m going to deviate from the book. Because I don’t necessarily agree with it.” DRAMA. INTRIGUE.

Any of the non-hipster, non-baseball, non-preppy guys….so you know, all three of them.

When life gets bogged down with expectations, homework, financial concerns, and living on top of one another…

Overheard while late-night studying at the library: “Shrimp are the idiots of the sea”. …just go to bed.

“Wanna get off campus for ice cream?” THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST THING ANYONE CAN SAY TO ME.

That time that I crushed four midterms and one research essay all in one week. You might have already been aware of this, but let me reiterate: I CRUSHED IT.

“What about the future? What are you going to do with International Affairs? Aren’t you worried about the job market?”

Grace Nowak.

Frizbee. Frizbees everywhere. And longboards. Crowding up the sidewalks and such.

“Wow! I got that internship I wanted! Everything’s really working out. How are you doing, Maggie?”

Wanting to work out but not caring enough

“Ugh, mealpoints are so expensive! This is an outrage! I’ve only had two ice caramel medium-sized lattes today!”

Having to take a mandatory PE credit and choosing jazz dance

“Hey Maggie, are you over there studying Macroeconomics or blogging?”

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