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Some Graduation Pictures

Extended Title: Some Pictures from Graduation Because I Can’t Emotionally Handle The Fact That It’s All Over

2013-07-31 10.25.18

Emmanuel, my godson, and I. Right after this picture I kissed him on the cheek and he got so embarrassed. 12 year old boy behavior is universal.

2013-07-31 13.59.27

My “ti chou chou” (boyfriend). Wandel is basically the love of my life. I mean look at that smile! And his absolute favorite thing to do is dance. This kid has such a zest for life!

2013-07-31 13.58.49

Here’s Jean Lucson, showing off his graduation diploma and his Creole Bible. Even though Lucson is one of our most advanced students and is brilliant, it’s sad to think that he won’t be back next year. That’s why we’re pushing to create a “translator-in-training” position to encourage the students to keep learning.

2013-07-31 10.27.28

Some of the older girls being silly for the camera. If only you could hear the giggles that went into this picture.

2013-07-31 12.25.33

Davidson, during graduation. He was so much fun to watch during the ceremony because he was just having a blast.

2013-07-31 14.05.22

Davidson and I, post-graduation, having a blast still.

2013-07-31 09.59.34

Mistherline and Maureen

2013-07-31 11.46.54

Samira, giving a little speech in English

2013-07-26 17.32.21

And to end on a happy, adorable note, here’s Darwins, wishing you peace!

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