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Post-Grad Post 2

As told by the queens of “just figuring it out”, the broads of Broad City:

1. Considering Tinder dates for free meals:

2. Lying to yourself that subscribing to a new streaming site is a good idea that will magically not affect your productivity:

3. When Linkedin tells you to help celebrate the job advancement of someone you hate:

4. But how you really celebrate your best friends’ success:

5. My immediate reaction to any job inquiry or risky email sent:

6. When you think you got real mail but it’s just FedLoan:

7. My Errand Day just consists of me getting as much freebies from as many different places as possible:

8. FB posts like “it’s so amazing being here in this foreign country where I just happened to have been offered a paid job at this non-profit for which I am not qualified. God really rewards hard work #blessed”:

9. Despite it all, you still have moments of blind optimism:

10. When someone older now offers me wine or exempts me from the boring chitchat adults use for young emerging adults:

11. “Maggie, have you considered working a ‘real job’ for a while?”:

12. What your Google searches turn into halfway into researching “career options”:

13. Refusing to look at long-distance squad’s Instagrams:

14. What I’m actually thinking about whenever someone asks me my five year plan:

15. What constitutes as a stressful day:

Bonus: When you read that Hillary is beating Trump in the polls:

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