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Playlist for Melancholia

Alternative Title: Adventures in Bittersweet Quiet

So, here’s another installment of my “5 song” style. It’s for when life is a little sad, a little sweet, but mostly calm.

1. Middle Distance Runner- SeaWolf

I’m pretty crazy about this song. It’s just lovely to the ear.

2. Come and Goes (In Waves)- Greg Laswell

This is one of the rare songs that makes you wonder about how and why it was written.

3. It’s Only Life- The Shins

Yeah okay, it’s another Shins, I know, but I love them and this is my blog! This song, for some inexplicable reason, evokes so many emotions. It makes you want to hug the kid you used to be. I don’t know many other songs that make you feel that way.

4. Eyes- Rogue Wave

Just a really pretty little song.

5. Carolina- Ben Gibbard

A fun sing-along and the perfect “eyes closed in the sunshine” song.

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