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So just because I can barely control my enthusiasm, I thought I’d share my calendar for the rest of October! 

Just the beginning of the month I have been to Château d’If (the location of one of my favorite pieces of literature), Cezanne’s workshop, the mountain chain of Saint-Victoire, the Musée Granet (where I saw works by Manet, Matisse, Dali, Picasso, Renoir, Camoin, and of course, Cezanne, to name a few), and danced at an impromptu dance party at the Faculté de Theologie (yes the French seminary). It’s only the 11th!!! 

Coming up, we (my room mate and I) are leaving this weekend to go to the French Alps for two days, Annecy for one, Geneva for one, and then exploring Lyon before coming home on Wednesday. On Friday, we’re spending the day in Marseilles with our Russian friend, Natasha, from our class. On the 25, we’re leaving for PARIS! for our class trip. And after that, I’m going to Brussels, Belgium.

I still can’t get over that 1.) all this is real 2.) I’m getting credit for this 3.) it’s even possible to be here in Europe!!

I can’t wait for this incredibly hectic, crazy, wonderful month full of adventures!!

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