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NVM, Chambrun, and Fun Times

Welcome to my first official post from Chambrun, Haiti!

It’ll probably be a little frazzled, like my hair right now.

The weather here is a cool 85 degrees and there is a lovely breeze outside. I got here two days ago so yesterday was my first full day here. I can just tell that the days here will pass very slowly but by the end the time will fly!! Our English camp hasn’t started yet so we’re spending our days helping however we can, perfecting our curriculum, and just preparing for the craziness that’ll start in just two weeks.

We’ll have 100ish students coming from different villages, not just Chambrun. There are four other interns who will take different courses and positions to help it all run smoothly (for example, I’m Director of Activities). We’ll teach in the mornings, feed the kids lunch, and prepare in the afternoons. There will be a lot of short term teams here who will help out so hopefully, the kids will learn as much English as possible as well as evangelism.

Yesterday we took a tour all around the campus which includes an area for the interns and the teams who come (which includes our blessedly AC house, bathrooms, and the cafeteria). The outer area (all contained within a fence with armed guards) holds staff housing, our school, the current clinic, the office, a warehouse, and the future health center, which will house a pretty impressive labor/delivery unit and dentists. There’s even a “zoo” with a crocodile, turtles, and peacocks. There’s a monkey that’s coming soon, but he’s currently being kept with Pastor Pierre, who’s training him at his house.

After that I got to meet some kids who went to the year-round school that ended this week who were all so giggly, curious, and confident. Within five minutes I had about twenty little hands in my hair. Any concerns I had that I wouldn’t be able to fully interact with them because of the language differences melted away. I can just tell that this will be such a growing, significant experience!

As we continue exploring the area and getting to know the people around camp, I’m excited to see my place here and how I can help this really fantastic place.


Other interns: Madeline, Heidi, Grace, and Bethany

If anyone’s interested here’s the site :

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