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Last Day in France

Today was my last day in France and it went more wonderfully than I could have ever hoped for. Even though it was pouring buckets, it seemed fitting; it stormed the first full day here, it’s only natural it ended the same way. I will never stop being amazed that the rain here doesn’t phase anyone in the slightest; everyone is still out and about and the city is still beautiful. In the States, you’re in your car or your at home.

Anyways I started the day by packing up my last suitcase. I then headed out to Centre-Ville to get coffee with the family I babysit for. Babysitting for this precious baby girl and getting to talk to the mom (who is one of the most impressive women I’ve met) has been a wonderful blessing this semester. They were very sweet and even gave me a German Christmas ornament!

I then met up with one of my friends and we went last-minute shopping. It was great to be able to walk ALL around my favorite areas. We had a great lunch from my favorite cafe and then closed our bank accounts (fun fact: the French bank is incredibly unhelpful and confusing. Incredibly.). I then had to say goodbye to Magali, our director who singlehandedly made this semester so great. Hopefully I’ll get to see her on her visit to America next year. After we got churros, explored the Christmas market, and went to the outdoor mall. We then went to our favorite hang-out spot and just had a great time laughing and talking. On my way home, I even walked past carolers and listened for a while! Sure their pronunciation was incomprehensible but the tune of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” is impossible not to recognize. 

Now I’ll have dinner with Madame for the last time and then finish packing officially. 

This was a wonderful last day here and lovely to know that even though I said goodbye to my friends, I can to see them in less than a month on campus at Gordon!! It was a great day to end the semester!

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