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Lady Leaders To Give You Life

Every time I write a beautiful piece of scathing satire about our current political climate, something unbelievable always breaks, rendering my snark outdated. Be it #TimesUp or “sh*thole” remarks, I’m just not fast enough to keep up so I thought I’d change tones and write about something life-giving.

So here is a list of Lady Leaders, BossBetches, what-have-yous, to give you some uplifting encouragement despite whatever tomorrow’s headlines may inevitably be.


Congresswoman Maxine Waters


If you have not seen the infamous “Reclaiming My Time” video, you have not lived. After I watched it, I gained the confidence of 10,000 frat bros named “Troy” and am now invincible. The next time you get interrupted in a meeting by that *one* male colleague who feels the need to repeat the exact thing you just said but with more emphasis like it’s his own, just loudly yell “RECLAIMING MY TIME” and Maxine Waters herself will appear in a cloud of smoke and give you the last three minutes of your life back.

But really though, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D) is the most senior black congresswoman currently in session. She’s been in government service since 1976 in California and was a staunch advocate of the South African movement against apartheid.  TBH she ran into issues with the ethics committee when a bank her former NFL-playing husband had ties to received federal aid during the recession and was later cleared but ladies, isn’t that always happening with our former NFL-playing husbands?? So relatable.


I mean, CRAZY ADORABLE, but can you imagine begging your mom to be Wonder Woman for Halloween and her going, “nah, you’re going full Maxine Waters for Mommy’s Instagram”?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern


As the world’s youngest female head of government, the New Zealand Prime Minister is slaying the game. She’s had an illustrious career in the world of socialist and Labor parties (which as an American, it’s in my DNA to refuse to understand the difference between). She then became the youngest sitting MP (which I’ll just guess stands for Michelle Pfeiffer) ((jk I looked it up, it’s member of parliament)). But did y’all know that she’s NZ’s THIRD female Prime Minister?? So they didn’t even have to run an aggressive campaign to refute that women can do the job BECAUSE THEY ALREADY HAVE?? I know, what a world! She also is pregnant right now, which is dope, and gets six weeks maternity leave, which is also dope and should be mandatory.



Paddles was PM Jacinda Ardern’s beloved rescue cat who became a celebrity and has its own Wikipedia entry. I mean, do you have your own Wikipedia entry?? Paddles also had her own Twitter and infamously interrupted a congratulatory phone call by Donald Trump. She was an inspiration and deserved a Viking’s funeral pyre after her untimely death in 2017. RIP Paddles, gone but not forgotten. A true shero.

Skye Kakosche-Moore


Okay fine, this one is *technical* because *technically* she is no longer an Australian senator due to an unforeseen dual-citizenship issue BUT hopefully that decision will be overturned and she can resume her service. BUT nonetheless, former Sen. Moore makes the list because of her tireless advocacy in Australia. Not only was she a massive proponent of the unprecedented bill that put restrictions on Australian pedophiles traveling abroad, she also saw the unintentional impact that it could have on cyber-sex trafficking of foreign children. She flew to the Philippines to meet with IJM and law enforcement to learn firsthand about how Australian demand was affecting vulnerable women and children victims in Southeast Asia. She also advocated for veteran’s rights and free menstrual products for women in need. Four for you, Kakosche-Moore!

Senator Tammy Duckworth


Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth (D) is THE ladyboss. She’s a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and Purple Heart recipient. She is also the first Asian-American woman to be elected in Illinois Congress and the first woman with disabilities to be elected in the U.S. Congress. During her service in the Iraq War, Sen. Duckworth lost both of her legs but continued service after that in the Illinois National Guard. She became a veteran’s advocate and continues to support the troops as a politician. She will also become the first sitting U.S. senator to give birth when she is due later on in 2018! YASSS QUEEN!!!!

State Senator Lauren Book, State Senator Lizabeth Benacquisto, and Sherry Johnson


Sherry Johnson and Sen. Book

These three women helped get child marriage banned in Florida, becoming the first state to have this kind of legislation passed. Yup, you read that right. FLORIDA is leading the US in doing the right thing. Sen. Book and Sen. Benacquisto, both sexual abuse survivors and advocates, co-sponsored the bill and rallied unanimous support, while Ms. Johnson became the face and heart of the movement. Ms. Johnson suffered from a pregnancy at only age 10 and was married at age 11 after being failed by a system meant to protect her but as an adult, she worked tirelessly to make sure no child in this situation went unseen again. Because, I dunno, children without consent shouldn’t be able to be legally married. Even if it’s glamorized on One Tree Hill……ESPECIALLY if it’s glamorized on One Tree Hill.

Read their inspirational story here.


So who are your favorite local, state, national, or international inspirations?

Julia Louis Dreyfuss as Veep only half-counts.

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