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Honoring the Original Deadpan Hero

So I was recently told that my sarcasm is only so well done because of my deadpan expression. It was high praise.

So it got me thinking about how deadpan stoicism was so crucial in the silent era and how that was pure humor. Sometimes it makes me sad how humor in film has diminished so much (*cough cough Seth Rogen I’m looking at you*).

Anyway, please enjoying some gifs of the genius that was Buster Keaton, vaudevillian, comedian, and stunt man extroardinaire.  (And if you’re inspired watch “The General” which is considered the 15th best film made in all of cinema history).


Could you imagine doing that yourself? Before modern tech-savvy hospitals?

In fact, for this shoot, many of the film’s workers left because they thought that this scene was too dangerous and were sure he was going to get seriously injured.

Like really, Buster. What was your limit?

Because why not?

You just know he broke at least three bones on this.

He was also so suave. So. Suave.

No one has ever looked more dapper yet silly.

This classic gem of movie magic.

I’m 100% sure I’ll never look this cool in my entire life.

He also had some really fly moves.

And that face is so perfectly “I can’t even”

Impressed yet?

I thought so.

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