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Golden Oldies

Alternative Title: Adventures in Explorative Classics

*Author’s Note: People really should know the oldies better. Not only are they very pleasant and clean, they’re also history! Without Elvis Presley paving the way, we would’ve never gotten Nirvana or the Pixies or even Ke$ha! (Heavy on the sarcasm, please) Proper respect should be shown*

1. Another Saturday Night- Sam Cooke

This song is basically my life. It comforts me that over 60 years ago, other teenagers were equally discouraged by their disappointing Saturday night.

2. Dream Lover- Dion

This song is just super fun. The staccato on the chorus is about the catchiest thing I’ve come across.

3. Earth Angel- The Penguins

This slow jam is just darling.

4. Run-Around Sue- Dion and the Belmonts

“Here’s my story/sad but true/ about a girl that I once knew/ she took my love than ran around/ with every single guy in town”. Dion, I know that feel, bro! There will always be those girls like Sue.

5. Last Kiss- J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers

This is one of my favorite songs. Ever. Yeah, it’s about a tragic death and separation of a young couple but it’s eerily romantic and my favorite “singin’ in the shower” song.

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