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G.o.T Reactions, Anyone?

So mostly this blog is my attempt to be relatable and send good things out into the internet, but sometimes I can’t hold back how nerdy I am.

So, for your viewing pleasure, dear reader, here are some Game of Thrones reactions for those moments in life.

1. When someone reminds you of everything you’ve been avoiding

2. When you can see that someone saw your Facebook message but they never responded back

3. Showing up to a social event for the free food

4. When someone makes a sick reference to your favorite show

5. When someone makes a thinly veiled insult like “You’re so funny. Why are you single?”

6. Every time a college girl says “travelling is about the journey”

7. Now that I’m an East Coast liberal arts student

8. “You aren’t like other girls”

9. If my apartment-mates left any food out on the community shelf

10. When you see a professor while you’re hanging out with your friends

11. Whenever you guess a password correctly on a site you haven’t been on in forever

12. Student loan reminders got you like

13. Whenever I have to go back to the U.S.

14. When someone cuts in front of you and the person you’re with begs you not to say anything

15. And lastly, whenever you upheave the patriarchy

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