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For You, Dear Friend

You know when you’re a college student, and you have no money, and you also have no time to plan anything beyond your essays and presentations and quizzes that converge on the one day that also happens to be the birthday of your very good friend? And you’re like, Maggie you’re such a mess, you need to give her a gift?! And then you’re like, I can give her the gift of humor and good cheer in the form of a blog post? Isn’t this really relatable?!!

Here’s to you, Jackie, Jacquabious, Jacqueline! Happy 21st, you party animal!!

Remember when we first met at that really dumb Transfer Orientation that was so dumb we were just like this the whole time?

And we clung to each other for dear life in the weirdness that is Gordon’s social culture

You’re a social worker extraordinaire who will use her compassion and passion to help young people. YOU’RE A SUPERHERO IN TRAINING! YOUR HEART IS LOVELY!

Your dry wit and snarky comebacks are incomparable and always perfectly timed- they’re always such an unexpected delight

Your hockey obsession is legendary, endearing, and possibly insane

All of this to say, you are a great friend, a loyal supporter, and the Beyonce of Gordon

Happy birthday, Jacks

Party hard.

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