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For Every Post-Grad Out There…

There’s a bizarre stage in life that affects a very specific demographic of people but is widely regarded as one of the most the most pivotal and crucial a person will experience in his or her lifetime. It may be two months until you start that fabulous internship, a year until you move to that foreign country, a semester before grad school, or five years in your parents’ basement. It’s a total toss-up.

Yup, I’m talking about that dreaded POST-GRAD life. So here’s to you, fellow wanderers and societal misfits.

1. Everyone tells you that college is the time when you’ll find your direction and purpose….they’re lying. It’s really the few months after college when you realized that you wasted all your time with all that theory and “intentional living”. You think back to that happy, naive 18 year old idiot who thought “of course, I’ll be employed immediately with this superfluous major!”

2. Moving back to your home state like

3. Having so much free time that you consider taking up jogging, or golf, or learning Italian, or stalking a celebrity

4. But in reality…

5. You fondly remember having hopes and ambitions

6. Keeping up with people still in college is impossible

7. Reading job descriptions that require years of experience and a PhD

8. You’re hoping for an eventual epiphany to get you out of your rut

9. But you still have to confidently spin your situation to everyone else

10. Remembering what a big deal you felt like you were your last semester of college

11. And where your self-esteem is now…

12. Running out of fresh things to talk about with your parents

13. Feeling like you’re entitled to a job with both a livable salary and personal fulfillment because you’re a millennial with little job experience

14. Now you understand why everyone is getting married

16. Researching creative options to pay off your student loans

15. What everyone reading this is thinking

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