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Finals: Round 2

Alternative Title: Adventures in the Bluth Family

Guys, I just can’t. I have so much to do yet no motivation. But blogging counts as working right? Right?! Here’s Round Two:

When I realized that I had thrown out all homework and handouts from the beginning of the semester because I didn’t realize the test was cumulative:

When 11 o’clock rolls around at the library and you look at your friend:

Thinking you can get away with not studying the last section because “surely it won’t be on the final”:

Going to any event right now that promises free food:

Realizing that you actually have to see what your final grade after: 

All you want to do with your time:

When you’re done studying and your friend just started:

When people start playing the “my finals are worse than your finals” game:

Everyone’s all ready to leave and you just can’t even:

Buy hey, only five more days of stress!

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