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Finals as told by Lucille Bluth

Alternative Title: Adventures in Hell Week

Here are the myriad of emotions and reactions to all that fun that goes along with finals week:

When I find out an exam isn’t cumulative: 

“Class, I think I’m going to add the section that we didn’t cover. You’ll have to review it on your own time.”

“It’s important to manage stress with exercise. Have you been to the gym lately?”

“Are finals even that bad?”

When I panic and force a hug with another stressed-out finals zombie

Going to all the “Last Blast” events that half-heartedly try to force fun amidst finals

Finished a paper, now time to edit it

“Hey want to go do something?”

“Class, did you remember the online component of the assignment?”

“Let’s finish this semester strong!”

“I don’t even have that much to do for finals.”

And finally…

“Hey Maggie, are you studying over there or just blogging?”

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