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Dear Tina

I like to have imaginary conversations with Tina Fey.

There, I said it. It may be weird but it is very cathartic.

I like Tina Fey because she is a mom who went through what can only be described as an above-average awkward adolescence. She unabashedly embraces her inner nerd, and helps chips away at the glass ceiling in all the numerous capacities she excels in. She supports her fellow woman and isn’t afraid to poke fun. She rocks glasses and normalcy even in her stardom. She is queen.

So here are some snippets of my fulfilling, two-sided mentor relationship with Tina Fey.

1. Dear Tina, should I try to go to Romania? Belgium? Japan? Should I even live the continental United States?

Of course. I should follow my heart. Tina, you are so wise.

2. Dear Tina, what should I do in the face of injustice? What if they try to silence me into submission in our broken system?

Tina, you are strong as you are just.

3. Dear Tina, should I be frugal with my money?

Yes, only buy things that are worthwhile. You are thrifty and a goddess.

4. Dear Tina, I’m worried that I’m not staying humble and grounded.

You keep me so accountable and real.

5. Dear Tina, I love Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. Should I keep this to myself?


You’re so right. I should own it like the dork I am! I AM A PROUD PRINCESS TOO.

You inspire me to be fearless.

6. Dear Tina, am I wasting my college years? Sometimes I think I should’ve gone out more and made dumb choices but then I think, eh, nah. What do you think?

You’re right. Going out is overrated and I have too high a sense of shame. You get me.

7. Dear Tina, someone wronged me. Should I just grin and bear it?

I should stand up for myself and express my true feelings! You’re so queen, Fey.

8. Dear Tina, who should I look up to as an impressionable emerging adult?

You’re so right; I should respect the feminist icons who came before me.

9. Dear Tina, a common conversation in modern society is how women should balance work and home life. Tina, as a woman, do I need to choose?

That’s right. If men don’t have a pronounced decision, neither do I.

10. Dear Tina, any lasting words of wisdom?

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