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As a Senior in College

Dear friends, followers, and stalkers alike, Here is a post only compiled because I don’t feel like doing some homework.

Reactions of a Senior in College (As told by The Office):

Being in a class with mostly freshmen:

When said class of freshmen begin telling you their superior truths and wisdom:

“Are there any seniors in this class?”:

Being a senior gives you a heightened sense of importance:

When someone asks you if you’re new to Gordon:

Orientation/Beginning-of-the-year blast stuff:

Being mean about freshmen only to then think back about how embarrassing you were as a freshman:

Attending your last requirement classes:

The “Senior Complex”:

Talking about graduating in front of underclassmen who have years to go:

When you start to get reallllly lazy:

Beginning to look at grad schools:

Or law school:

Or jobs:

Then remembering you’re graduating indebted to society:

Being the first of your friends to leave school:

Whenever anyone asks me what I’m doing when I graduate:

Graduating means that society sees me as a competent adult:

And of course, the one sentimental moment:

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