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Are You There World? It’s Me, Margaret.

Where in the world is Margaret??!!

As it turns out, many, many places. Thanks to lax French education system and very long class times, I have quite a few times when I can go extensively travel. We have one concrete trip to Paris, which I am beyond excited to return to, but the rest is up to us. I have three breaks of either four or fives days to go galavanting where ever I may please and, lovely readers, I am open to suggestions!!

Here are some of the possibilities:

1. UK- I’m looking into heading from Paris and landing in London. From there, I’d like to tourist it up there for a while and then go see Edinburgh and some other places in Scotland (aka the motherland). And of course, go see my precious Vinicius in Dublin and go sight-seeing there.

2. Austria/Luxembourg- maybe even some Germany? This one is completely theoretical right now but none the less awesome.

3. Morocco- Whoa, not only would I be seeing another country I’ve never visited before but I’d also get to cross off another continent!! This would be beyond cool to visit and would have some extensive planning go into it.

4. Switzerland- How cool would it be to stay in Geneva for several nights and just go from there for some day trips? This one seems like a very likely adventure for me and my room mate.

If anyone has any suggestions or knows of some must-see places, let me know! Of course, I’d be doing this on the very frugal side, but I’m open to anything!

*IMPORTANT NOTE* None of this would be remotely feasible without my parents. Aren’t they amazing? Every single second I’m here I try to radiate gratitude. I just love ’em so much. Thanks Mimmy and Daddy!!

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