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Aix-cellent Food (excuse my cheesy pun)

So I’ve been compiling a list so far of all the delicious food that Madame has been cooking for us for dinner since arrival. It’s still a work in progress but my, is it a masterpiece. Whatever we eat is always simple, healthy, and made from local ingredients. Every meal starts with something small (usually melon or couscous) followed by the main course, then salad, then cheese, and lastly fruit or a dessert. Bread and water (sometimes wine) is always present.


-Cordon bleu with creamy mushroom sauce

-Purée des épinards (spinach)


-Boeuf bourguignon

– Pâtes (Pasta)


-Poulet in orange/honey sauce

-Poisson in a creamy sauce with shrimp and mussels

-Julien de légume (carrots, potatoes, etc. sliced real finely mixed together with a little bit of pepper)

– Some crazy meat thing that was wrapped in some other meat and was delicious but still unknown as to what it was

-Roasted zuccini

-Grilled eggplants and daube provençal (beef)

-mashed potatoes and saucisson (sausage) de Toulouse

-coing (this is a fruit that we don’t have in the states. You can’t eat it fresh; it has to be made into something softer, most popularly jam or a tarte)

-Fresh fig jam she makes herself

– Crêpes with creamy mushroom/ham sauce (and I learned how to roll it properly with a fork)

-Potatoes and veal in white wine sauce

– Spagetti bolognese




-Tarte de figs (and peach and apricot)

-Isle Flotounde (this is a merange that floats on a bowl-full of creme anglaise. It’s incredibly creamy and the top of it is burnt so it caramelizes. It’s a speciality for birthdays but Madame surprised us one day for a random treat!)

-Chocolate pastries (I forgot the name to this but their cream puff shells filled with a rich chocolate sauce much like pudding. Madame had accidentally made too much so we just ate big spoonfuls from the bowl. It was by far the most fun!!)

-Peaches with white cheese, chestnut cream, and apple slices

-Swiss chocolate (honey and raspberry)



-Colommiers Brie


-Carre l’est

-Chèvre (goat)


-Brebis (ewe)

-Tomme de Savoy


Fun Food in Restaurants:



-Paté of pig snout

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