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A Letter to my Brother…

To my eldest brother, Joshua, on the eve of his engagement

Dear Joshua,

Today you start the greatest adventure of your life. As you begin this new chapter and we all become understandably sentimental, what words can be shared over this momentous occasion?

Remember that time when you pooped your pants in the car rental place and Zack and I teased you mercilessly? Remember that time when you convinced us to pour red koolaid on the white interior of our babysitter’s car? Remember that time when we would play CrashCar, a game that involved crashing into each other in tiny play cars rolling straight into the road? Or that time that you were too stubborn to admit that the “chapstick” you put on was accidentally lipstick? Or when you tried to jump over the tiny box in the garage and sprained your ankle? Or when you tried to dig a hole through the shared wall of my room and your closet so we could send notes to each other (we were definitely teenagers, too)? Or when you didn’t wash your hands at Steak N’ Shake and Keegan made sure everyone knew it? Or when you and Grant wanted to teach me how to change the tires on my car and but didn’t know how to put them back on?

Exploring the abandoned cellar in the woods behind the Pink House? Singing Whitney Houston in your car? Manipulating Dad with “Cat’s in the Cradle” or our perfectly harmonized “Last Christmas” rendition?

I thought about all the funny times that I’ve ever had with you; I have a childhood full of them seeing as you were likely the third person I’ve ever met in my life, right after Mimsy and PopPop. So many ridiculous accents and jokes too inside to share, but a story that I think really encapsulates you was when we were living in MawMaw and PawPaw’s old Zionsville house and playing FourSquare on the driveway. You were being bossy and funny and I was being annoying. You said exasperatedly “I’m not playing anymore!” I stamped my foot and said “see if I care!” You started walking away and within two seconds, I yelled after you “Alright! I care!” You see, Josh, the game’s not fun if you’re not in it.

So you’ve been many. many things to me; my confidant, my enemy, my court jester, my friend. But now you’re going to be Taylor’s husband. Crazy, right?

I’m so proud of you, you big dummy. I’m sure you’ll tackle marriage the same way you’ve addressed everything else in your life: with humor, bravado, some hilarious missteps, and most importantly, heart.

And to Taylor, my new sister and friend….congratulations! You’ve got a good one! And also good luck! …because….you know, it’s Josh.




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