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A Happy Reminder

This week has been one long exhale. After an historic winter, finally, spring has shown its timid face; as grass becomes visible and the birds lend us their song once more, I’ve found myself really enjoying taking my leisurely time while walking about campus. Sure, the quad is still under two feet of snow, but with time, that too shall melt.

I’ve had a lovely things happen, like enjoying my classes more, having stresses untangle themselves, learning Caribbean dance in French Club, watching the most perfect Provencal movie, attending top-notch lectures about education inequality by fierce leaders who fight for change, and making new acquaintances. What all seemed like a horrible knot in winter all unraveled (blessedly) this past week. And finally, I feel the lightness that I’ve been missing.

As I’m giving thanks for my renewed energy and positivity, I am also reminded that we are given what we are needed when we need it most. And for me, that’s been my friends.

I have friends who will drop everything to lay on the floor with me and make me laugh til I cry because I cracked under the pressure after dropping a whole bunch of food in the kitchen. Friends that let me stare at their ceiling with them after stealing me pie and listening to my obnoxious jokes. Mes amis who carry on ten minute long conversations about buying a crumbling chateau in France and renovating it into a B&B with absolute sincere seriousness. Friends who are gracious if and when I’m late or messy or ridiculous. Who attend every boring lecture with me just because I like to learn and like to be with others at the same time. Who inspire me with their passion, bravery, intelligence, wittiness, and/or bravado.

Friends who are far away, leading completely different lives than me, but still know how to encourage and support without proximity. Whose letters in the mail make me make dumb faces in public and smile like a dork for the rest of the day. Who I haven’t seen in forever but make it so it doesn’t matter.

I even have family as friends. I’m one lucky gal!

So here’s what winter taught me. Love and affection can be fickle, in the sense that you can forget they are present even when you are enveloped in them. Like a mom who loses her sunglasses, they’ve been on your head this whole time. Someone will just need to lovingly point them out to you.

This is my sappy way of saying, friendship is great, the people who choose to be in your life are there for a reason, and saying thanks is cool.

So thank you to all my wonderful friends and those who love me.

You’re great and I love you too!



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