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10 More Disney Characters You’ll Meet in College

The first one was such fun, I decided to do another one!

1. The Prince

You’ve never even bothered to learn his name. He’s just that guy who you see around, who everyone says they vaguely know. He’s just that WASPish preppy white guy. Brad? Brian? Matt? Eric? Eh, who cares.

2. Milo

Your first impression of him in your freshman History class was that he was way too eager and kind of cringe-worthy dorky. He’s was cute but like a puppy, right? By the time, he’s a senior, his crazy research theories turned out to be right and suddenly he runs a major international company and all you can think about is that you messed up….big time.

3. Thumper

Thumper is that friend who you get along with great and can laugh a mile a minute with, but he is always trying to get you to the gym. You love him and all of his moral support but you also want to give him a sedative so he stops trying to sign you up for a 5k.

4. Alice

You met Alice your freshman year and yet by your senior year, she still never really got her stuff together. She’s constantly stressed and looks freaked out all the time like she’s fallen through a rabbit hole. She changed her major more times than you can count, looking for a new direction. The worst part is that you can never really help her, she just needs to get out on her own.

5. Gaston

We get it. You’re ruggedly handsome. You’re the hot shot on campus. I’m not even sure that you’ve ever taken a course harder than the 200 level. You’re a misogynist at heart. You live in the gym, you swear by your raw egg and kale protein shake, and you’re totally going to become a townie when you finally graduate. Whatever, Gaston. Live your glory years, I guess.

6. Fairy Godmother

Your favorite sophomore year professor by far, Dr. Godmother is the scatter-brained sociology teacher who inspired you all to transform into better people. She’s constantly forgetting material, never uses technology, hasn’t returned a single graded paper back to you, but still she’s completely endearing. She’s the reason you succeeded in following your heart to the right major.

7/8. Timon and Pumbaa

These guys lived on your brother floor and were never separated. They took their bromance to new heights by being roommates all four years. One was brainy, the other brawny, but together in all of their shenanigans. (Although, you’re sure that they’re stoners because they really didn’t care about anything. “No worries” was their constant motto.)

9. Clocksworth

You feel very lukewarm about Professor Clocksworth. He taught History, but in the most pompous way possibly, sometimes throwing in an unbearable cheesy joke that only he would chuckle at. He was helpful but sometimes you felt like he was too much of a stickler for the rules.

10. Rapunzel

Rapunzel studied abroad for a semester and then returned to campus for her last semester before graduating. You remember the good ol’ days when she was stuck on campus dreaming of what it would be like to be somewhere else, but now that she’s had a taste of adventure, she has to get out again. She can’t wait for the real world but sometimes, she’s just a little too naive and idealistic.

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