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À Cassis

Today was my second full day here and we had a very exciting (and exhausting) outing!

At 8:30, our little group of seven American students met with students from SciencePo, the university where I will hopefully spend my second semester. They were from all over the world so it was really fun to listen to them speak in their different languages and accents. For some reason, the Mary Kate and Ashley movie where they go to some international students thing came to mind, but of course, I don’t have the wisdom or sophistication of an old MK and A VHS.

We took a bus 45 minutes away to a little town called Cassis. It’s located right on the water, surrounded with cliffs. It seemed to be a pretty big tourist spot, but it was very nice. We took a very long hike up and down and up and down sidewalks and rocky pathways, which were very treacherous, but like with any horrible hike, it seems like it wasn’t so bad looking back on it. It was completely worth it because we passed our afternoon at a somewhat secluded cove. It was between two cliffs and the water was the purest blue. There were sailboats, kayaks, naked French babies, sunbathers, and hikers.

We had our little pick nick and after went for a swim and some cliff-diving. It was my first time in the Mediterranean and it was such a cool and special moment for me, swimming far out to the rocks. It was also great to be in a place that is so relaxed; as a person who massively struggles with being self-conscious, I was really able to just enjoy myself fully.

After we hiked all the way back and enjoyed a treat at the café, while enjoying the sunshine and people-watching. I had a sorbet de pamplemousse (grapefruit). After we took the bus back, had dinner, and now I’m due for a very long, and very satisfying, night’s sleep.

(I can’t figure out my camera, so here’s a picture via Google. I think this really might be the cove we were at.)

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